Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking

"the attribution of reality to what one wishes to be true or the tenuous justification of what one wants to believe"

We all wish for thing's, we all wish for success, we all wish for great futures and of course we all wish for beautiful love life. We all have these desires, but know very well that it won't come true. Wishful thinking y'all. (There are people out there that have it all, they have all these things or some of these things)

If you're just going to keep wishful thinking and not do something about it, then it's just going to be a desire that you ain't going to have. Do something about it.

Start small, then go bigger.

Starting with your small wishes can help you complete your entire wish list.

For example, focus on your career. Get the success you're looking for and stick with it until you're happy with the success you have reached.

Start today and push that fear of failure aside!

Surround yourself with people who will support you

Be around people who will support you, who will push you to take those risk you need to make those dreams come true. Be around people who inspire you, be around those people who want to do the same.

Personally, I surround myself with people who want to succeed. Regardless of what they want to do to become successful, I stay around them. It might be a different passion, but we both want to succeed in what we want to do.

Browse online for people who finally did it, who finally made their dream's come true and follow them.

Follow the people who did it. Follow them and follow their story. Their story may inspire you to do the same and follow their exact steps to accomplish those wishes. Who knows they may have the same passion as you do and their strategy will help you fulfill your wish as well.

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Ruben is the founder of Beginning of you, a platform where your needs on self-(care, love, and improvement), life and wellness is a click away for your enjoyment. He firmly believes that taking care of yourself is very important. Ruben enjoys bartending, enjoys taking his Siberian husky out for long walks and enjoy's blogging. Connect with Ruben on all social media platforms.

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