Why you should get a dog

Are you thinking about getting yourself a dog? Well, I can tell you that owning a dog is very beneficial for you.

Here is a picture of my bundles of joy (Maxwell to your left and Ellie Mae to your right)

Both Siberian Huskies

1. Makes you more active

Let me tell you all something, when you get yourself a dog, especially one like a husky, they will definitely make you a lot more active than you're used to. I used to hate running, but when I got Ellie Mae, she gave me more motivation to run and start doing cardio. She's a little runner. Being at only 8 months, that little girl could run! I can't wait for Maxwell to grow up so we all can go running.

2. Lowers your stress

I don't know what's with animals, but getting a pet, well a dog for instance, they lower your stress tremendously. They get you distracted from your stress and changes it for you.

3. Helps you with social life

Are you shy? Do you have conversation? Or, you're just bad at starting a conversation? Well, getting a dog, can change that. Say, you're walking down the street and pass by someone and they give your dog a compliment saying "you have such a cute dog" and of course you go by saying "thank you" and BAM there's your conversation starter.

4. Helps out with your depression

Here and there we get depressed. I know I get depressed at times. Every time I know I get into deep thought and think all kinds of negatives, my dog senses it. They know when I am depressed and comfort me. They always make me happy, regardless of how crazy they act at times. I just love them so much and they make me so happy.

Now, if you're having second thoughts of getting yourself a dog, why don't you dog sit and see how you like having a dog for company. It is a big responsibility and it will cost money. Have a pet isn't cheap at all.

You have:

  1. Vet bills

  2. Pet food

  3. Pet toys

  4. Treats

  5. Pet sitters

Like I said, pet sit for someone and see if you can handle it. It can be rough at first, but you'll get used to it... trust me. I have two Siberian Huskies and they are a lot to handle.

Go and get yourself a best friend.

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Ruben is the founder of Beginning of you, a platform where your needs on self-(care, love, and improvement), life and wellness is a click away for your enjoyment. He firmly believes that taking care of yourself is very important. Ruben enjoys bartending, enjoys taking his Siberian husky out for long walks and enjoy's blogging. Connect with Ruben on all social media platforms.

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