Self Love

It is important to make sure that you are happy.

What defines self-love is

  1. Looking after your well-being and happiness.

  2. Taking care of your needs first and not eliminating your happiness to please others.

  3. Never settle for less that what you deserve.

Here are a few affirmations for you to read and value.

  1. Your happiness is your priority

  2. Do NOT eliminate your well-being to please other people

  3. You are WORTH more than just a little

  4. Do you have dreams? Chase after them. Do not let go of your dreams. Thrive for greatness

  5. Don't be ugly to yourself. You are perfect the way you are

  6. Look at a mirror and give a little compliment to yourself

  7. Accept your imperfections, they make you who you are today

  8. Remember that LOVING yourself don't make you a selfish person

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Ruben is the founder of Beginning of you, a platform where your needs on self-(care, love, and improvement), life and wellness is a click away for your enjoyment. He firmly believes that taking care of yourself is very important. Ruben enjoys bartending, enjoys taking his Siberian husky out for long walks and enjoy's blogging. Connect with Ruben on all social media platforms.

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