How to maintain a healthy relationship with your leadership

There are some people out there that don't understand why your leadership team doesn't appreciate you. Well, I don't know your case personally, but from my experience, there are a few tips that can help you regain the healthy relationship you should have with your leadership team. Here they are...

Be dependable

  • Show up to work on time and never be late. From my experience, my leadership teams love's when my team shows up to work on time and tries not to ever be late.

  • Don't call out, unless obviously you have an emergency. If you're just being lazy and don't want to work, that's not good. You want that promotion, you want them to see that you're serious about your job and want to know that you're dependable, then don't call out.

Do your assign work

  • Do not be that person who is lazy and hates the assignments they are given. Just do the work you are given and appreciate that you have a job.

Show that you care about your job

  • You want to show that you care about your job. You also want to show that you care about the people you work with including your leadership team.

Spark a conversation

  • Your leadership team is just as humans as your regular hourly team members. Don't ignore your leadership team, spark a conversation by just telling them "Good morning, good afternoon and or even good evening." A simple one of those conversation starters can go a long way for you.

  • I know at some places your leadership team isn't allowed to socialize after work hours with their team they look over. My work does, so it's hard to get to know your leadership team. That's why work is your best opportunity to know them better.

Follow the rules

  • This one is simple! Keeping a healthy relationship with your leadership team is very easy if you just follow the rules. Don't get yourself into trouble and have to get punished by your leadership team. A lot of leadership hate's punishing their team. Follow the rules to avoid getting into trouble. The leadership team doesn't hate you if you get into trouble, they're just doing their job when they have to punish you for you making the mistake.

Alright, so if you have any more advice to share about maintaining a healthy relationship with your leadership team, please share it.

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Ruben is the founder of Beginning of you, a platform where your needs on self-(care, love, and improvement), life and wellness is a click away for your enjoyment. He firmly believes that taking care of yourself is very important. Ruben enjoys bartending, enjoys taking his Siberian husky out for long walks and enjoy's blogging. Connect with Ruben on all social media platforms.

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