Eating Healthy While Eating Out

According to the simple dollar, the average family eats out between 4 to 5 times a week. That's a lot!

Now if you are someone who enjoys eating out rather than cooking your very own meal at home and you want to make sure you are eating healthy while eating out.

Here are a few ways to help you choose healthy options while eating out.

Stay away from those sugary drinks and drink water instead.

I know soda is delicious, I think it is! But, don't drink it too much. Soda can be very bad for you.

  • Soda can lead to weight gain and it doesn't necessarily make you feel like you are full.

  • Sugary drinks can potentially lead to Type 2 Diabetes.

  • There is pretty much only sugar in soda and has no nutritional value whatsoever.

  • You want those stain teeth, yes soda can lead to having yellow teeth and plus it's bad for you dental in general


Water is very beneficial for you. It may be tasteless, but it's good for you.


  • Boosts performance during exercising

  • It's good for your internal organs

  • Gives oxygen to your body

  • Plus, it's refreshing

Eat clean, not dirty.

Stay away from all those bad and fatty foods. I know you want that burger and those tasty fries. They may smell and taste good, but they are not good for you. When you eat out, you should observe the healthy options the establishment has to offer and make a meal of that.

Eating high sugar foods and fatty foods can lead to obesity, cardiovascular issues, and other chronic health problems later in the future.

Bad carbs

  1. Pasta

  2. Beer

  3. Starchy vegetables

  4. Chips

  5. Sugary DesserTe

That's just a few of many bad carbs

Good carbs

  1. Vegetables

  2. Seeds

  3. Whole grain

  4. Quinoa

  5. Sweet Potato

That's just a few of many good carbs

It's time for dessert!

We all have a sweet tooth, but when you're trying to be healthy, it's hard to pass that temptation of something sugary and sweet on your teeth.

I do always want to get that molten lava cake. So good! But, we got to fight that temptation.

Here are some healthy alternatives that some if not most restaurants have for you to enjoy.

  1. Fruit

  2. Dark chocolate

  3. Nuts

  4. Greek yogurt

To sum everything up, when you go out to eat with your family and you are trying to have a healthy lifestyle and maintain being healthy, fight the temptation of all that bad food and thrive for healthy living.

Drink water, not soda. Eat good carbs and not bad carbs and if you want something sweet, stay away from that molten lava cake and eat something healthy but still very delicious and sweet. Maybe some fruit or dark chocolate.

Now, go out and enjoy your time with your family and eat well.

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Ruben is the founder of Beginning of you, a platform where your needs on self-(care, love, and improvement), life and wellness is a click away for your enjoyment. He firmly believes that taking care of yourself is very important. Ruben enjoys bartending, enjoys taking his Siberian husky out for long walks and enjoy's blogging. Connect with Ruben on all social media platforms.

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